Master of Physical Education

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1Profile(专业概况):The major offers high-quality team of faculty members. The school is equipped with leading-edge training facilities and practice-based training bases. Two-Instructor system is carried out in this program, combining theoretical knowledge and practice; human and science spirit; professional and comprehensive quality, in order to prepare students to become elites in physical education and sport science.


2Training Objectives(培养目标):To educate the candidates with a good foundation for physical education; equip them with foundational knowledge and skills in sports-related fields; develop their ability of using modern scientific theories and methods to solve practical problems in the field of physical education and sport science; and to allow them to make positive contributions to their communities and the athletic training profession.


3The Main Research Fields: I. Physical Education II. Athletic Training.


4The Core Curriculum(主要核心课程):Sport Science Research Methodology(体育科学研究方法论);Introduction of Physical Education Curriculum(体育课程导论);Physical Education Teaching Methods(体育教材教法);Principles of Motor Skills Learning(运动技能学习原理);Assessment and Method of Physical Fitness(体适能评定与方法);Theory and Scientific Monitoring of Athletic Training(运动训练科学监控);Prevention and Rehabilitation of Sports Injuries(运动伤病的防治与康复);Theory and Method of Physical Fitness Training(体能训练理论与方法)。