Master of Tourism Management

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1Profile(专业概况):The major offers high-quality teachers from the UK, Germany, the United States, South Korea, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. It mainly cultivates high-end talents and industry professionals in the fields like tourism culture, tourism education, tourism planning and marketing, tourism enterprise management, tourism destination management, tourism and real estate, and hotel management.


2The Main Research Fields: I. Tourism Education II. Tourism Enterprise Management III. Tourism Destination Management IV. Tourism Real Estate Management V. Leisure Management VI. Hospitality Management.


3The Core Curriculum(主要核心课程):The Interdisciplinary Theory and Method of Tourism Culture Research(旅游文化研究的跨学科理论与方法);Modern Tourism Enterprise Management(现代旅游企业管理研究);Tourism Real Estate Management(旅游地产经营管理)。