Master of International Business

announcer:Zou Jianrelease time:2021-03-26views:1249


1Profile(专业概况):Based on a strong economic foundation, the Master of International Business is closely integrated with the “One Belt and One Road Initiative” and the construction of China's Free Trade Zone. It is closely related to the frontiers of international trade and economics and makes full use of various resources inside and outside the school to cultivate high-level business professionals with a global vision, innovative consciousness, and international business expertise and skills.


2The Main Research Fields: I. International Trade and Investment and Financing Management II. International Finance and Risk Management III. International Marketing and Management of Multinational Companies.


3The Core Curriculum(主要核心课程):International Business Economics(国际商务经济学);International Trade Policy and Practice(国际贸易政策与实务);International Investment and Management of Multinational Corporations(国际投资与跨国公司经营管理);International Financial Theory and Practice(国际金融理论与实务);Theory and Practice of International Business Negotiation(国际商务谈判理论与实践)。