Master of Business Administration

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1Profile(专业概况):Master of Business Administration (MBA) education of Fujian Normal University is equipped with good software and hardware teaching conditions. It employs case-based, participatory and contextual teaching methods, highlights the philosophy of combination of commercial civilization and humanistic spirit, and train compound and applied senior business management talents who can adapt to complex market environment and different cultural backgrounds.


2Training Objectives(培养目标):Give full play to the comprehensive advantages of humanities and social sciences in our school, this major aims to cultivate high-level management personnel who are able to comprehensively master modern management theories and methods, familiar with the rules and principles of market economy, good at communication and cooperation, bold in exploring and innovating, and with international vision, profound humanistic spirit, and strong social responsibility.


3The main research fields: I. Business Management II. Financial Investment and Management III. Logistics Management.


4The Core Curriculum(主要核心课程):Managerial Economics(管理经济学);Organizational Behavior(组织行为学);Financial Management(财务管理);Marketing Management(营销管理);Strategic Management(战略管理)。