Overview to Soledad College

announcer:Zou Jianrelease time:2022-06-20views:2240

Founded in November, 2017 and sponsored by the Friends of the Philippines Foundation, Soledad College is established by Fujian Normal University to admit and cultivate students from the Philippines under the background of implementing the strategy of The Belt and Road initiative” So as to deepen the cooperation of higher education between the two countries.

Soledad College is named after Soledad Roa Duterte (Nanay Soling) not only to commemorate the great mother who has the family ties with Fujian Province, a famous Filipino educator, philanthropist and social activist, but also to celebrate the legacy of courage, commitment and compassion left behind by Nanay Soling. Soledad College hopes to carry forward the spirit of dedication to inspire young people to work towards national progress, economic development, and social harmony.

With the support of the Philippine Friendship Fund, Soledad College mainly enrolls Filipino students for undergraduate and master's degrees. It occasionally organizes seminars and training for officials, senior executives of industrial and commercial enterprises from the Philippines. The College helps in expanding the education and cultural exchanges and cooperation between the Philippines and Fujian Province, and promotes the development of the China-Philippine relation.