Appendix: Alternative Admission Plan(附录:招生备选方案)2021

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Because of COVID-19 concerns, according to relevant guidelines of Chinese government, if international students are not clearly allowed to enter China till late July 2021, the new students will not be able to come to FNU or attend classes in person, therefore the following alternative admission plan will be adopted:

I. The Admission Plan, Application Requirements, Registration and Interview Procedures remain unchanged.

II. Admission

FNU will release Admission Notice to the students after the deliberation by the Admission Committee for Postgraduate Enrollment of FNU and the approval of the relevant departments of Fujian Provincial Peoples Government. FNU will release Visa Application for Study in China (JW202) after the Chinese government permits international students to enter the country, after that the College will release the date of entering the university.

III. Enrollment

The admitted students should record a short video of holding the original Academic Certificate (diploma) to express their willingness to accept online teaching activities. After completing online admission registration, students should take part in online teaching activities on time. If students are unable to complete online admission registration or take part in online teaching activities for special reasons, they should ask for leave in advance in writing. Should the students be overdue to to complete online admission registration or take part in online teaching activities for two weeks without any reason, students will be deprived of the right of admission.

IV. Scholarship

The scholarship, mentioned in the Selection Manual 2021 of Fujian Normal University Soledad College Graduate Program, during the period from online admission registration to students’ arrival at the university will be given out continuously within 6 months after students arrive at FNU.

V. Teaching plan

Online teaching will be adopted during the period from students completing online admission registration to students entering China.