Materials and Chemical Industry

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1Profile(专业概况):The major focuses on the needs of national and regional economic construction, and carries out personnel training, scientific research and social service work. The research fields include high-tech polymer materials, natural polymer materials, general polymer materials, molecular matrix composites, etc. It also includes design, synthesis, modification and preparation of materials and their engineering applications.


2Training Objectives(培养目标):The Master of Engineering in Materials Engineering is a professional degree cultivating qualifications in the field of materials engineering and is designed to meet economic and social development and industry innovation needs. This major emphasizes the study of polymer materials and engineering, and the study of other materials and engineering.  The major focuses on engineering, practical and applied positioning, highlighting the characteristics of polymer materials and engineering, and cultivating applied and composite high-level projects, training technical and engineering management talent.


3The Main Research Fields: I. High-Tech Polymer Materials & Engineering II. Natural Polymer Materials & Engineering III. General Polymer Materials & Materials of Other Types IV. Molecular Matrix Composites & Engineering.


4The Core Curriculum(主要核心课程):Engineering Ethics(工程伦理);Engineering Mathematics(工程数学);Functional Polymer Material Chemistry(功能高分子材料化学);Polymer Modification(聚合物改性);Modern Instrumental Analysis Theory(现代仪器分析理论);Polymer Material Processing Experiments(高分子材料加工实验)。