Soledad College, Fujian Normal University Held The “Cloud Graduation Ceremony” For The First Batch Of The Graduates

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On the morning of January 15th, Soledad College, Fujian Normal University held the Cloud Graduation Ceremony for the first batch of 10 Filipino professional degree graduates.

The founder of the Philippine Friendship Fund, the Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of FNU Mr. Xu Mingliang; Mr. Xu Mingliangs wife Mrs. Yan Youfen; the vice president of the Philippine Friendship Fund Mr. Xu Jiayi; Party Secretary and Chairman of Fujian ACFROC Mr. Chen Shihai; Deputy Director General of Foreign Affairs Office of Fujian Provincial Government Mrs. Huang Shaorong; Director of Asia Division of Foreign Affairs Office Mr. Cai Wenzhi; FNU leaders Wang Changping, Zheng Jiajian, Chen Qinghua among other persons in charge of relevant units of FNU and representatives of teachers and students attended the graduation ceremony.

FNU president Wang Changping, on behalf of the University, extended a warm welcome to the leaders and guests who attended the ceremony, and sincerely congratulated the Filipino graduate students on their master's degree.

Vice President Zheng Jiajian read out the list of graduates and awarded them master's degree.

Vice President Chen Qinghua said in his speech on behalf of the school that  holding this special graduation ceremony for the first batch students of Soledad College by combining online and offline methods which goes through time and space, connecting China and the Philippines aims to encourage students to carry forward Mrs. Soledad's spirit of perseverance, dedication and benevolence, never forget the original ambition and contribute to the society; adhere to the school motto of knowing clearly, doing well, being sincere and broad-minded to forge ahead and open a new chapter in life; actively practice the spirit of the Silk Road, build a bridge of friendship between China and the Philippines, strive to become the disseminators of the national culture of China and the Philippines, and the promoters of friendly exchanges between the two countries.

Mr.Xu Jiayi, as the representative of the donor of the Complex Building For Graduate Teaching and Research in Qishan campus, delivered a speech at the ceremony; the teacher representative Dr. Han Ying and the student representative Raychelyn also made a speech.










Guests and School Leaders Attending Cloud Graduation Ceremony



Filipino Professional Degree Graduates Attending Graduation Ceremony Through Voov



Vice President, Professor Zheng Jiajian Read Out The List Of Graduates And Awarded Them Master's Degree



Speech By Vice President, Professor Chen Qinghua



Speech By Mr. Xu Jiayi, Vice President Of The Philippine Friendship Fund



Host Of The Graduation Ceremony Mr. Huangbin of Soledad College



Dean Of Soledad College, Professor Yao Zhiqiang In The Video



Speech By The Teacher Representative PhD. Han Ying