Soledad College of Fujian Normal University 2022 Chinese Language Major Undergraduates Program (福建师范大学索莱达学院2022年汉语言专业本科生招生简章)

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I. Admission Major and Plan


Program Code

Number of Enrollees

Teaching College

Chinese Proficiency Requirements

Chinese Language



International College of Chinese Studies

YCT or HSK level 1 or above

See Annex I for introduction to the major. The actual number of enrollees for the major will be determined according to circumstances as the actual number of students enrolled in each of the major.

II. Application Requirements

Interested applicants should meet the following requirements:

1. Should be 2022 freshly graduated students who have received formal education in public schools in the Philippines and accomplished the 12-year basic education system.

2. Should be a citizen of Republic of the Philippines who is under 22 years old and holds a valid passport.

3. Physical condition must be in lined with the “Health Inspection Standards for Foreign Students Studying in China” as promulgated by the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China (Annex III).

4. Should abide by the laws and regulations of People’s Republic of China, and school disciplines.

5. Students should have taken Chinese courses, be able understand spoken Chinese and speak Chinese, hold the YCT (Youth Chinese test) or HSK (Chinese Proficiency Test) qualification report issued by the Center for Language Education and Cooperation of the Ministry of Education of the PRC (the former Confucius Institute Headquarters).

III. Registration Procedures

1. Graduates of SPFL-Chinese Mandarin program who meet the registration conditions shall apply to the SPFL-Chinese Mandarin Schools. Schools will send its recommended students to Each DepEd region. Each DepEd region will submit Consolidated Recommendation Form Undergraduate Degree Scholarship Program for SPFL-Chinese Mandarin Graduates to DepEd-SPFL Office. DepEd-SPFL Office and CI-AUF will screen the applicants. DepEd-SPFL Office will recommend qualified applicants to Fujian Normal University. Graduates from other schools shall directly apply to Soledad College, Fujian Normal University via email.

2. Qualified applicants will submit the documentary requirments before July 9, 2022 to the Soledad College, FNU, including:

①Application Form (Chinese Language Major) for 2022.

②Official High School Academic Certificate (Diploma) .

③Official Transcripts of Records of grades 9-12 provided by the graduated school (original copy and certified documents in Chinese or English).

④YCT (Youth Chinese test) or HSK (Chinese Proficiency Test) qualification report.

⑤Two Letters of recommendation from the graduated high school’s principal, classroom teacher and/or the Chinese teacher of  the Chinese courses.

⑥Six recent glossy studio photos (48mm×33mm) with white background.

⑦Photocopy of the applicants’ passport main page. When entering China, the passport must be valid more than 6 months, preferably more than 2 years.

⑧A photocopy of the Foreign Physical Examination Form provided by the Chinese Health and Quarantine Department. Applicants should strictly comply with the instructions stipulated in the Foreign Physical Examination Form. The original should be kept by the applicant. Each page of the form (including the attached photo and all medical reports) should be stamped with the hospital’s seal and signified by the attending physician’s specimen signature. If items are incomplete, no photo with stamp attached, not signified by the doctor or stamped by the hospital, form will be deemed invalid.

All the above-mentioned documents must be printed on A4 paper and should be submitted in the above order. Original copies should also be presented for verification purposes during the interview.

If the submitted documents are incomplete, the application will be deemed invalid.  All the documents submitted will not be returned.

IV. Interview

The FNU Admission Committee will review the documents provided by the applicants on applicant’s transcript of records, language proficiency, recommendation letters, study plan, etc. Afterwards, an interview will be conducted.

V. Admission

After the deliberation by relevant institutions of the school, Soledad College will release an admission letter to the accepted applicant in August 2022.

VI. Enrollment

Under the control of the epidemic situation, freshmen cannot enter the country with study visa, thus they would register online and study online. When the epidemic control is released, the school will release Visa Application for Study in China (JW202). The admitted student(s) will apply for a student visa (X Visa) and bring the admission letter to Soledad College for registration (the exact date will be determined by the epidemic situation). The student must submit the original certified documents such as Academic Certificate (diploma) and Transcript of Records. If the submitted documents are fraudulent, the admission qualification will be cancelled.

Student(s) are required to register on time. If they are unable to register due to some unavoidable reasons, they must apply for leave in advance in written form. If they do not register within two weeks without any valid reason, student(s) will be disqualified.

Student(s) are required to obtain residence visa issued by the Exit and Entry Administration Office of Fuzhou Public Security Bureau within 30 days upon entry to China. Prior to processing the resident permit, health certificate validated by the Fujian Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau must be secured. The fee for a residence visa is 400yuan/ a year; whereas health certificate is 483.5yuan for female and 473.5yuan for male. All expenses will be shouldered by the qualified students.

Ⅶ. Academic System and Degree

The program is designed for a full-time student with 4 years of schooling. The maximum length of study is 6 years (including suspension of study, retention of student status). Within the prescribed period of study, the students should complete the credits required by the education curriculum, before he/she gets the Bachelor’s of Arts degree.

Ⅷ. Tuition, Accommodation and Scholarship

The officially enrolled students will be entitled to tuition, accommodation and insurance benefits within the length of the academic year from the support of the Fujian Provincial Government Scholarship (or other scholarships) and the Special Scholarship provided by the Friends of the Philippines Foundation. Students enjoy monthly living allowance of every academic year (delayed graduation period not included) when studying in China (Only the date range approved by our school). If the student drops out of school for personal reasons, he/she shall compensate for all the scholarships he/she has enjoyed.


Annex: 1. Introduction to the Major

      2.Fujian Normal University Soledad College 2022 Chinese Language Major Undergraduates Application Form

      3.Notes for Application























5.有修读学习汉语课程,能听、说汉语,或拥有由中国教育部中外语言交流合作中心(原国家汉办/孔子学院总部)颁发的YCT (中小学中文考试)或HSK(中文水平考试)合格成绩报告单。


1. 对开设特殊外语项目的学校的毕业生,请到各自的学校报名,由学校推荐到所属的教育部区域办事处;各办事处向菲律宾教育部外国语言办公室提交“面向菲律宾教育部特殊外语项目——中文项目中汉语言毕业生的本科学位奖学金项目综合推荐表”;菲教育部外国语言办公室协同红溪礼示大学孔子学院共同对申请者进行初步筛查,然后向福建师范大学推荐经初步筛查后的合格申请者。其它学校的毕业生直接通过电子邮件向福建师范大学索莱达学院提出申请。

2. 申请者于202279日前向福建师范大学索莱达学院提交申请材料,包括:






⑥本人近期光面白底小2 (48mm×33mm)证件照片6张;










疫情管控下,新生不能以学签入境,采取网上报到、网络授课,待疫情管控放开时,学校可以配合出具《外国留学人员来华签证申请表》(JW202),学生即可申请学生签证(X Visa)入境到校报到(具体日期另行通知)。到校报到时,需提交成绩表、毕业证书等材料原件进行资格复查,申请材料有弄虚作假者,取消入学资格。













Annex I附件1:


Introduction to the Major招生专业简介


Chinese Language Major汉语言

1Profile(专业概况):The Chinese language major for foreign students aims to cultivate foreign students ability to skillfully use Chinese for communication, so that they can have a solid basic knowledge of Chinese language and Chinese culture, cross-cultural communication ability, and become Chinese-talented practical personnel who are familiar with Chinas national conditions, friendly to China and meet the needs of modern international society. The professional faculty is highly qualified, 96.9% of full-time teachers have teaching experience abroad, and 70% have doctoral degrees.


2Training Objectives(培养目标):The Chinese language major for the graduates of Chinese classes in public high schools in the Philippines is characterized by Chinese language+. In addition to the regular Chinese language courses, it closely follows the Cooperation List between China and the Philippines to jointly build the the Belt and Road, and offers elective courses for professional posts in international trade, tourism, information technology and other fields. It aims to cultivate all kinds of advanced Chinese-talented practical personnel urgently needed in China-Philippines cooperation.


3The Core Curriculum(主要核心课程):Elementary Chinese I初级汉语);Elementary Chinese II初级汉语);Intermediate Chinese I中级汉语);Intermediate Chinese II中级汉语); Intermediate Chinese III中级汉语);Intermediate Chinese IV中级汉语);Advanced Chinese I高级汉语);Advanced Chinese II高级汉语);Chinese Culture中华文化);Practical Chinese for professional posts in various fields, etc.各领域专业岗位实用汉语等


Annex II附件2:

DownloadFujian Normal University Soledad College 2022 Chinese Language Major Undergraduates Application Form




Please send duly signified application form with attached photo (.doc and .pdf) and the scanned copies of other documentary requirments to both; before July 9, 2022.


Annex III附件3:


Notes for Application

I. Applicants who intend to study in FNU should be in good health. The applicants with the following diseases will not be qualified.

Acute and/or chronic infections:

AIDS patients, HIV carriers;

Phymatiasis (including TB in lung, kidneys, bone, Peritoneal and lympg note, etc.);

Sexually transmitted diseases (syphilis, gonorrhea, etc.);

Acute viral hepatitis and infectious diseases;

Severe parasite infections (Schistosomiasis and Filariasis);

Severe chronic diseases;

Any mental and psychological disorders (schizophrenia, hysteria, severe neurosis, depression, etc.);

Organic pathologic changes;

① Organic heart diseases (rheumatism and congenital heart disease, coronary heart disease, etc.);

② Allergic diseases (such as bronchial asthma, rheumatism and rheumatoid, Lupus, etc.);

③ Severe liver, kidney, lung diseases (cirrhosis, acute and chronic nephritis, lobectomy, etc.);

④ Various types of malignant tumors, blood diseases, neurological disorders (epilepsy), and severe skin diseases, etc.;

Severe congenital and malformation disorders;

Drug abuse, alcohol abuse and gambling.

II.According to Article 5 of the Nationality Law of the People’s Republic of China, if both or one of the parents is a Chinese citizen and has settled in a foreign country, and he/she has foreign nationality at birth, he/she shall not have Chinese nationality. As an international student, the applicant should have a valid foreign passport or nationality certificate for more than 4 years, and have a record of actual residence in a foreign country for more than 2 years in the last 4 years (before April 30 of the year of enrollment) (the actual residence in a foreign country for more than 9 months in a year can be counted as one year, subject to the entry and exit seals). Residents of Chinese Mainland, China’s Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan  after immigration and obtaining foreign nationality who apply for admission to Soledad College as international students shall also meet this requirement.

III. Procedures concerning  X1 Visa from Chinese Embassy in the Philippines are provided below for reference (for reference only, subject to official notice):






X1 Visa

1. Embassy - Process single entry X-Visa

4 working days



• Original passport valid for at least 6 months and photocopy of passport biopage.

• Original old passport if available.

 • Duly accomplished Visa Application Form

• 2 recent studio photos (colored, 48mmx33mm, front view, white background)

 •  Original Endorsement Letter, Admission Notice and Form JW202 issued by FNU

Fees will be collected upon pick-up. Visit for further information.

· Proof of bank deposit in the last 6 months and receipt of the fee issued by the bank

Foreigner Physical Examination Form

1.Accredited hospital/clinic- Process foreign physical examination



Photo attached to the form and all medical reports must be stamped with the hospital/clinic’s official seal. Specimen signature of the physician shall also be attached to all pages including medical reports.


Note: Make sure the photo is stamped by the hospital.















X1 签证

1. 中华人们共和国驻菲律宾共和国大使馆 单次入境签证



• 有效期为6个月以上、有空白签证页的护照原件及护照照片资料页复印件1份( 如申请人持有旧护照,请一并提供); 

• 填写完整的《中华人民共和国签证申请表》;

• 2寸(48mm×33mm6个月内近照、正面、彩色、免冠护照照片2张;

• 招收单位出具的录取通知书和主管部门出具的外国留学人员来华签证申请表(JW-201JW-202)原件及复印件。

• 最近6个月银行存款证明及银行出具该证明的收费收据。





• 缺项、未贴本人照片或照片上未盖骑缝章、无医师和医院签字盖章的《外国人体格检查表》无效;

• 无医师和医院签字盖章的化验报告无效。


Contact Information(联系方式)】

Address: Soledad College, Fujian Normal University, Qishan Campus, No.8 Xuefu South Road,  Shangjie, Minhou, Fuzhou City, Fujian Province, China


Zip Code邮编):350117    

Contact Person (China): Ms. Yang at Students’ Affairs Office 

联系人:学生事务部 杨老师

Tel联系电话):0086-591-83512373; 0086-13063080032