Chinese Language Major

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1Profile(专业概况):The Chinese language major for foreign students aims to cultivate foreign students ability to skillfully use Chinese for communication, so that they can have a solid basic knowledge of Chinese language and Chinese culture, cross-cultural communication ability, and become Chinese-talented practical personnel who are familiar with Chinas national conditions, friendly to China and meet the needs of modern international society. The professional faculty is highly qualified, 96.9% of full-time teachers have teaching experience abroad, and 70% have doctoral degrees.


2Training Objectives(培养目标):The Chinese language major for the graduates of Chinese classes in public high schools in the Philippines is characterized by Chinese language+. In addition to the regular Chinese language courses, it closely follows the Cooperation List between China and the Philippines to jointly build the the Belt and Road, and offers elective courses for professional posts in international trade, tourism, information technology and other fields. It aims to cultivate all kinds of advanced Chinese-talented practical personnel urgently needed in China-Philippines cooperation.


3The Core Curriculum(主要核心课程):Elementary Chinese I初级汉语Ⅰ);Elementary Chinese II初级汉语Ⅱ);Intermediate Chinese I中级汉语Ⅰ);Intermediate Chinese II中级汉语Ⅱ); Intermediate Chinese III中级汉语Ⅲ);Intermediate Chinese IV中级汉语Ⅳ);Advanced Chinese I高级汉语Ⅰ);Advanced Chinese II高级汉语Ⅱ);Chinese Culture中华文化);Practical Chinese for professional posts in various fields, etc.各领域专业岗位实用汉语等