Zhou Erming, Director of The Foreign Cooperation Department of The Education Department of Fujian Province and Other Members Came to FNU to Investigate the Soledad College Project

announcer:release time:2020-08-29views:539

On the afternoon of August 27, Zhou Erming, Director of The Foreign Cooperation Department of The Education Department of Fujian Province and other five members of the Department came to Fujian Normal University to investigate the Soledad College project.

Professor Yao Zhiqiang, Dean of the Soledad College, first of all, thanks the provincial leaders for their long-term care and attention to the construction of the College, and emphatically introduced the operation, management structure, specialty setting, training characteristics and Chinese language teaching of international students since the establishment of the College under the care and support of several successive school leaders, college leaders, several departments and relevant teaching units. Vice Dean Huang Bin, Vice Dean Zhu Pengyi and Councilor Wu Fang, who is in charge of student affairs, also made reports and exchanges on the teaching, management and prevention and control of international students during the epidemic period. The representatives of foreign students said in Chinese that they had received good education in the College and expressed their gratitudes for the care of the school and the college for providing face masks and convenient meal delivery during the pandemic period.

Director Zhou highly praised the College’s implementation of One Belt & One Road Initiative as well as the training of high-level talents from the country along the route. He also hopes that the College will do better in the following aspects: enrollment control, promotion of Chinese language teaching, quality of professional teaching, daily management of overseas students and standardized use of funds during running the College.

The investigation and discussion has greatly promoted the higher authorities' understanding of the development of the Soledad College. According to the requirements of the higher authorities, Soledad College will continue to implement the Campus’s deployment, study and implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi's reply to Pakistani students, and continuously make new progress along the correct direction of school running.