Party Committee Secretary of Fujian Normal University meets the Consul General of the Philippines in Xiamen

announcer:Zou Jianrelease time:2019-10-15views:899

To strengthen productive international exchanges, cooperative meeting was held in Fujian Normal University Cangshan Campus last October 11, 2019. Said meeting was attended by Mr. Julius Caesar Aragon Flores, the Consul General of the Philippines in Xiamen, Mr. Li Baoyin, Fujian Normal University (FNU) Party Committee Secretary, Soledad College Administrative Heads, and selected Filipino students.

Secretary Li introduced the university’s rich history and development as part of his cordial welcoming to the visitation of the Consul General. Also pointed out in the meeting is the partnership of Fujian Normal University with the Philippine government and universities re promotion of education and research which effected a positive contribution in strengthening the Sino-Philippine cooperative relationship. With the increasing in-depth relations, and support of Mr. Xu Mingliang, an alumnus of FNU, Soledad College was established in September 2017 which caters to Filipino students furthering post-graduate studies. Moreover, Soledad Building which is erected in the Qishan Campus targets to be completed by May 2020. It will house teaching and research complex to provide conducive learning environment for Filipino students.

Mr. Flores praised Secretary Li and the university for giving great importance to education and for providing bridges for students to further their studies. Mr. Flores also mentioned the opening of multiple flight routes from Philippines to Fuzhou, Xiamen and Jinjiang to provide convenience to Filipinos especially those pursuing their education in Fujian Province. He also expressed his enthusiasm in providing support to further build up productive international exchanges and cooperation between FNU and Philippine colleges and universities.

Upon adjournment, the representatives presented tokens for each other as a symbol of appreciation for the concluded meeting. Afterwards, Mr. Flores visited the Filipino students living in Cangshan Campus. He shared his knowledge and insight; and had a chance to dine with them at the student cafeteria. He encouraged all of them to widen their knowledge and become messengers of cross-cultural communication between China and the Philippines.