Subject Teaching (Geography)

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1Profile(专业概况):The Subject Teaching (Geography) major relies on the strong teaching resources and research platform of the two dominant disciplines of Fujian Normal University, geography and pedagogy. Adopting case-based and problem-based teaching methods, paying equal attention to theoretical learning and practical teaching to cultivate senior talents with lofty moralities, excellent educating skills, outstanding business, persistent development conscious and broad visions for middle school geography education and teaching.


2Training Objectives(培养目标):In accordance with the concept of excellent teacher training, cultivate high-quality full-time teachers and managers of geography, who master modern educational theories, subject qualities, strong teaching practice and educational research capabilities, for basic education schools and secondary vocational technical schools.


3The Main Research Fields: I. Geography Teaching Modus and Methods II. Geography Education Measurement and Evaluation.

主要研究方向:01  地理教学方式与方法;02 地理教育测量与评价

4The Core Curriculum(主要核心课程):Curriculum and Teaching Theory (课程与教学论);Modern Geography Science and Middle School Geography(现代地理科学与中学地理);Environmental Education Theory and Practice(环境教育理论与实践);Geographic Information Technology and Middle School Geography Education(地理信息技术与中学地理教育);Design and Implementation of Geography Teaching in Middle School(中学地理教学设计与实施);Geography Teaching Essay Writing(地理教学论文写作);Population Analysis Introduction(人口分析导论)